Zumo2 - optimises prices for your business

Zumo2 optimises prices in retail pharmacies. By assessing the major factors that influence price Zumo2 gives you the ultimate in price advice. Exact SKU specific, store specific pricing. Zumo2 seeks to optimize your GP$. Using the best price advice allows you to make the best decisions. Zumo2 delivers the science of pricing.

Exceptional ROI - measured in months

A six month trial showed that the pharmacies using Zumo2 delivered strong GP$ growth in the categories implemented. The payback on the investment was typically 2 months. There are no guarantees in life and we can't guarantee that you'll get the same result. What we can assure you of is that you'll have the most intelligent approach to pricing that considers every available metric. Learn more about Zumo2 and what your ROI might be.

It's proven. Try it before you commit

Some of our trial stores achieved a 4% GP increase and a 16% GP$ increase in the categories that were implemented. We know results will differ. To make sure Zumo2 works for you, try our three month introductory package. Get 6 "Over The Counter" (OTC) categories to implement for 3 months. Then make a fully informed decision about proceeding to our full package of 20+ categories. Discover your potential by trying the introductory package.

Can you lift Net Profit by 10% easily?

In a steady state environment a 1% GP lift typically translates into a 10% lift in Net Profit. For the average pharmacy to achieve that result across the business means a GP 3% lift in OTC (assuming Dispensary remains static). Zumo2 offers the potential to do just that. It delivers fast, accurate, store specific pricing with the potential for strong profit improvement. Less time spent by management looking at prices means a more efficient business and lower costs. What else can you do that has the potential to deliver such a significant and sustainable step change in profit? Zumo2 allows you to price with ease and with confidence. Reduce stress, save time and save money.

Averages or Algorithms?

Zumo2 uses an 8 step algorithmic process to determine prices. Other systems simply average the network and give you a range. Zumo2 gives you specific prices. A dynamic market means our model is continually refined and adjusted. Other models are static. The Zumo2 process includes:

  • SKU by SKU analysis against your store factors
  • Analysis of each SKU in its product family
  • Substitution analysis
  • Price strategy allocated by SKU
  • SKU specific price elasticity analysis
  • Generating SKU specific pricing
  • Monthly price updates for each category
  • Weekly major competitor OTC price checks
  • The result - optimised GP$. Potentially lower wages cost

Don't guess. Don't use averages. Know. Make the informed choice.

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